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Air CLEAN  workshop (CLEANROOM) project ;Aseptic  plent  engineering workshop ;Surface Engineering (dust control, anti-static, anti-corrosion) ;Constant temperature and humidity environmental engineering ;To eliminate electrostatic Environmental Protection Project;

Control: cleanlclass, temperature, humidity, pressure, airflow, static, noise and vibration.

Provision of equipment, products : Airshower , FFU, clean workstations Airshower passbox ordinary transfer window residual pressure valve. Efficient outlet, high-efficiency filters, bag filter efficiency crude efficiency filters, pressure table, dust particle analyzer. ESD gets.

Construction Scope :

Air conditioning installation and testing; Sent back, exhaust pipes and valves manufacture and installation, debugging; Steel production structure and windows installed. Electrical power distribution and lighting installation;Self-leveling epoxy, PVC floor construction; art work pipeline installation;  the construction of drainage channels; Fire project; Automatic control system;

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