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Shenzhen CHINACLEAN CleanTechnology Ltd. is engaged in professional purification equipment production, Design and construction of cleansing purification and testing services business, focusing on the development of the cause of the environment. Customers across the country, focused on the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta area, involving many sectors, such as:  computers, microelectronics, semiconductor, precision machinery, optical equipment, aerospace technology, GMP pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, cosmetics, fine chemicals; laboratories, hospitals.   

We currently have experts, engineers and powerful professional construction team, who have been engaged in the cause of purification for many years. We have 89 staff, of whom 14 were in the technical group (senior engineer 2, 3 HVAC engineers, structural engineers 3. Two electrical engineers, ground engineers 2, drainage engineer 2). After years of experience, they have accumulated considerable wealth of established that the construction, commissioning experience.

We sincerely run business with the spirit of "high-quality, low," and credit management to ensure the quality of each project, the superiority and leading of technical.

CHINACLEAN technology to the production equipment, engineering design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of large strides towards integration. For the majority of customers satisfaction "ISO14644", "209E" The federal standards. "National Standard GB50073-2001" and "GMP standards" sterile dust-free design workshop, installation, commissioning, testing and other integrated packages of services.

Integrity first, and beyond!

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